Dear Crate is a subscription box service that brings families and friends together across geographical and social distances.

With carefully sourced teas, delicious cookies, and a cute message, you can brighten someone’s day—your grandmother, best friend, former teacher, or another special tea-drinker in your life.

How Did Dear Crate Get Started?

I am a Russian-born American. Tea and its rituals occupy a prominent place in Russian culture. For many Russians, tea drinking has become a part of their identity. When I was growing up in Russia, the day was always started and ended with a cup of tea. Having guests over for tea has been an important social event that brings friends and family together and promotes relationships between people. In Russian literature, songs, or visual art, you can find plenty of references to this special beverage – tea.

The Merchant’s Wife, Boris Kustodiev, 1918

When my mom moved out from Russia, she married a nice English gentleman and went to live in England. This is a country that takes tea very seriously: tea is the drink of choice there, more popular than coffee, alcohol, and soda. It was a wedding of two glorious tea cultures! From then on, my mom has lived in North Yorkshire, home to the famous Yorkshire tea.


Sending tea gifts and baskets to each other has become our family tradition. It started out as a sweet way to communicate with my mom, share an anecdote, and evoke memories that reminded us of our time living in Russia.

Soon, we started exchanging tea gifts and cookies regularly. Whenever there was a special celebration or small event, she would send me a package full of teas and cookies that included something new to try. I would share the goodies with the entire family, including my two children.

Now, we have a new generation of tea drinkers! And the tradition has continued.

It may be a small gesture, but to my mom and me, it means everything.

I decided to share this sweet tradition since I knew that many other daughters (and sons!) might be looking for a way to share afternoon tea and cookies with a tea-drinker they love.

gift box with cookies and tea


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We inspire families and friends to reconnect and stay in touch with adorable and thoughtful monthly presents.


With Dear Crate, you won’t just get another gourmet subscription — we help you start your own family tradition.


The meaning behind the gift is important. Dear Crate is designed as a perfect care box for your loved ones, so they never feel left behind.