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We Designed Perfect Subscription Boxes for Grandparents

Granny, Grandpa, Nana, Poppa, Oma, Opa, Abuelito, or Abuelita – whatever you call your grandparents, they deserve a special place in your heart.

When choosing a gift for your Grandma, it often comes down to what she can use in the kitchen or something to wear around the house. However, you can make your gift a little more unique and stand out than yet another sweater. If you are looking for new and creative ideas, keep in mind that grandparents cherish thoughtful, minimalistic, and elegant gifts. They already have too many “things” at home, so they don’t need more stuff to clutter their space.

It is not an easy decision to make–and we understand that—especially if you want to give a grandparent a special present that will evoke emotions.

We Have an ideal Solution

At Dear Crate, we understand your needs. Our vision was to design the perfect present for grandparents of all ages. Surely the best way to accomplish this is to source the most high-quality teas and cookies and pack them in a beautiful box along with an inspiring note.

Subscription Gifts for Your Favorite People of All Ages

At Dear Crate, we help children, grandchildren, relatives, and friends stay in touch with their loved ones with cute and thoughtful monthly care packages. If you’re looking for simple, lovely—and tasty!—gifts for your parents or grandparents, then our Dear Crate subscription box should be something you consider.

Our Dear Crate subscription boxes include:

  • Various tea types from our private label. We offer a new flavor every month
  • Artisan cookies sourced from some of the best bakeries in the United States and Europe
  • Greeting cards (we design them!) with positive, encouraging messages
  • You have the option to add a personal note and a photo

Each month, we will send you a reminder to send in your details. Consider including updates on new milestones in your life, cute and funny messages from your kids, photos from special events. Every note you send will be cherished, and your grandparents will never feel left behind! We will print your message on elegant linen paper, include your photo and our special greeting card, add tea and cookies, and deliver the beautiful bright blue gift crate to an address of your choice. With new cookie and tea flavors each month, your grandparents will love this treat.

Tips for Making Quality Gifts for Grandparents

Gift-giving is an art with certain rules. Here are some tips to make your gift to your grandparents thoughtful and meaningful.

Make it minimalistic

When you’re looking for a gift for your grandparents, it’s hard to find something they’ll actually use. 

Admit it, most of the time, when people think about what to get grandparents, they end up getting them things like picture frames or blankets. Senior people probably already have many of those! We believe that the best gifts are practical and thoughtful, not just stuff that takes up space on their shelves or in their cabinets.

We were looking for a better way to give grandmothers a gift without spending an arm and a leg on something they would never use. So, we created this monthly subscription box service where each month our customers can send crates of delicious goodies directly to Grandma’s house.

We’ve made sure our crates are minimalistic and they don’t add any clutter to your grandparents’ house while still being thoughtful gifts they’ll love receiving each month.

Make it deliciously edible

If you think of a simple but thoughtful and useful gift for your grandparents, gourmet edibles like tea and cookies are a great option. Grandma and grandpa can enjoy the treats themselves or share them with family members, friends, and guests.

The teas and cookies we include in Dear Crate boxes taste and smell incredible, and they are nutritious and healthy.

Our private label tea collection has been designed to please even the most serious tea drinkers. Each month we send a new delicious flavor. Whether it is an herbal, black, or chai blend, it will make their taste buds dance and provide a sense of wellness like no other drink can. Combine that with ease of preparation and satisfaction in each cup: our tea sachets are easy to use and don’t leave any mess. They contain high-quality tea leaves but have the benefits of teabags. They are easy to brew, convenient to carry around, and they make great gifts. Dear Crate makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the finest loose leaf teas every day without all the fuss or mess. A perfect cup of tea is ready in just seconds!

For the ultimate indulgence, we include a pack of cookies in our gourmet box and introduce a new delicious flavor every month. We carefully source the cookies from the best artisan bakeries in the US and Europe. Without exception, our cookies are delicious and nutritious, crafted with the best ingredients.

Choose quality items

There is a wide variety of subscription boxes available for “senior citizens” today. Be sure to choose one that invests in high-quality products because your favorite people deserve the best.

We don’t use products from grocery stores or big brands. At Dear Crate, we collaborate with small companies to source distinctive and unique tea types and artisan cookies that you can’t find elsewhere.

Make it artistic and unique

When giving a present, a nice, artsy touch is necessary to enhance the experience. One way to make a unique gift is by making your own piece of art or craft with your loved one in mind. A stylish greeting card is a good alternative.

greeting card and teacup

Dear Crate boxes come with specially designed greeting cards, making them original and memorable gifts. 

Our greeting cards are created with love, creativity, and dedication. Every month, we make a new design featuring a beautiful image and an inspiring message.

Make it personal

Choosing a gift for grandparents who have everything can be challenging, especially when you want something that shows your love and appreciation. Put your emotions into words with a personal note or letter.

Dear Crate lets you customize the gift before we send it to your grandparents. You can add a cheerful message and a family photo that would remind them of beautiful memories and happy moments. We hope this option will make your grandparent feel even more loved.

It doesn’t matter if your grandparents live far away or just two streets from you; sending a personal note will mean the world to them. They can read it as many times as they want all through the day and into their afternoon tea session.

Make a beautiful presentation

At Dear Crate, every detail is important. The delicious goodies and your notes will be carefully packed in the gorgeous blue gift box. As a pleasant surprise, it will come to your parents’ or grandparents’ doors every month.

Dear Crate gift box

Care Packages for All Occasions

With Dear Crate, you can either subscribe to a monthly box or purchase a single box for a special occasion. 

Our thoughtful gifts for Oma and Opa are suitable for various purposes. Whether you want to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or remind them how much you love and care for them, they will love our luxury gift crates. 

Holidays and life occasions bring families together. Our unique gift crates are for those events throughout the year when you want to make someone feel special and loved.

It’s always time for tea (and cookies)

There is no wrong time to send a sweet treat and kind words to your loved ones. These are some of the most common occasions when you might consider sending Dear Crate gift boxes to family and friends: 

  • Get well gifts – If your grandparents are under the weather or your parents feel sick, send them a Dear Crate care package with a “Get well soon” message. Sometimes, all your grandparents or great-grandparents need is a sign that their family thinks of them.
  • Birthday gifts – Celebrate your Granny’s birthday with an elegant blue box of tea and cookies. Who needs a birthday cake when you can get a crate of delicious and nutritious goodies?
  • Housewarming gifts – Moving into a new place is always a significant milestone. Relocating or moving to a senior living facility is sometimes a challenging period for elderly family members. Receiving loving gifts from children or grandchildren can make it better. You can send Dear Crate gift box to your grandparents to welcome them into their new retirement home so they can settle in with tea and cookies.
  • Holidays – no need to put that much pressure on yourself when it comes to choosing presents for older friends and relatives. You can always look into the idea of subscribing to monthly edible gifts for them and not worry about upcoming events and celebrations.

Our customers trust us to create thoughtful gifts because we are dedicated to this job entirely. We have the experience and knowledge to carefully source only the best quality items. If you don’t know what to buy for an upcoming birthday, family celebration, or special event, you can count on Dear Crate to supply you with the best subscription box for Papi and Mamie.

Isabelle Oland

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