put a smile on someone’s face : )

send monthly care packages to your dearest family members or friends

what is included

the finest quality tea

15 tea sachets of new flavor every month

The benefits of drinking delicious tea go beyond the flavorful taste: it offers a sense of wellness and comfort that is unmatched by any other drink or food. So why not offer your loved ones the finest quality tea that is both easy to prepare and satisfying. Our private label tea collection has been designed to please even the most serious tea drinkers. From herbal teas to spicy chai, black teas, and many more, we have sourced some of the best flavors on the market.

scrumptious cookies

5-7oz pack of gourmet cookies

Tea and cookies are a winning combination. For the ultimate indulgence, we include a pack of cookies in our gourmet box and introduce a new delicious flavor every month.  We carefully source the cookies from the best artisan bakeries in the US and Europe. Without exception, our cookies are delicious and nutritious, crafted with the best ingredients.

inspirational message

a thoughtfully designed greeting card

The meaning behind the gift is important. When you subscribe to Dear Crate, you are sending someone your love and appreciation. That is why we put a lot of work and creative dedication into designing the original greeting cards. Every month, we make a new design featuring a beautiful image and a cute cheerful message.

personal touch

customize it

You will have an option to add a personal note and a photo. Consider including a picture of you and your family, a special celebration, happy memories, or new milestones. Every month, we will send you a reminder with an offer to submit your notes and photos to make the gift truly personal.


every detail matters

We carefully pack the delicious goodies in the beautiful blue gift box that will come to your parents’ or grandparents’ doors as something to look forward to every month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is dear crate good for?

For Loved Ones Living Far Away

Surprising someone with a box of tasty cookies and quality tea might seem simple, but when it arrives packed in a beautiful package with a personalized note, no one can resist it.

For Grandparents Living in an Assisted Living Facility

If you are thinking about how to stay in touch and encourage your grandparents who live away from home, Dear Crate is perfect for the purpose.  

For Mothers and Grandmothers

Our subscription boxes make the perfect gift for the most important women in your life. You can personalize the boxes with messages that will remind them of precious moments or short updates on new milestones in your life.

For Business Clients or Employees

Our gift boxes are designed as a perfect mix of warm personality and professional look. Dear Crate would make for a great thank you gift to your best employees or favorite clients.

For Self-Care

We won’t tell anyone (ssh!) if you decide to order Dear Crate to come right to your front door. Self-care can be as simple as having a cup of tea in the morning on the porch or grabbing an afternoon tea with a friend after a long day.

For a Tea Lover

Dear Crate is proud to serve the best of the best for all fellow tea lovers. We don’t use any big tea brands from the grocery store; instead, we source the highest-quality leaves for our private label teas that taste and smell incredible.

how can i cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

is there an option to order one gift box without monthly subscription?

Yes, you can make a one time purchase: