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Subscription Gifts for Older Parents Who Have Everything

Do you want to surprise your mother, dad, or grandparents with something special and unique? A personalized subscription gift box full of yummy edibles is an excellent option. When your family members receive gifts every month, they’ll think about all the love and care that went into it. At the same time, they will have a box of delicious goodies to enjoy.

During the pandemic, many older Americans have felt extremely isolated, especially those unable to see their children and grandchildren because of social distancing or geographical separation. Rates of loneliness and depression have been high, especially in senior care facilities that have not allowed visitors as they’ve tried to protect their residents. Many older parents who live alone have felt cut off from the outside world, with little interaction with family and friends.

Now more than ever, our elderly loved ones need reminders that their families are thinking of them. While they might not need physical gifts to clutter their living spaces, consumable gifts are a perfect choice. 

In a world of endless choice, many companies are now offering subscription boxes for “senior citizens”. Be sure to choose one that invests in high-quality products, because your favorite people deserve the best!

We designed a perfect care package for your elderly relatives and dear people of all ages

At Dear Crate, we include:

●        Quality tea varieties from our private label

●        Artisan cookies from the best American and European bakeries

●        Original greeting cards with encouraging messages

●        A personal message and your photo to make the gift truly meaningful

Each month, we offer gourmet cookies and quality silky teabags in new distinctive, delicious flavors.

Our customers tell us that our gift crates exceed their expectations since we put a lot of work and creative dedication into designing the contents of the boxes, packaging, and greeting cards

Who is Dear Crate subscription made for?

Many older people feel isolated and alone at home, especially during the pandemic. They might not be able to go to grocery stores or restaurants very often, but they could still enjoy a nice cup of tea!

Spice up their life with fresh cookies and tea varieties to update their daily routine. Studies show that drinking tea every day helps keep your heart healthy, protects your brain from dementia as you age, and helps manage diabetes risk. A beautiful box of edible treats will remind them someone appreciates them too!

You can send personalized subscription gift boxes to your parents, your loved ones who live far away, your business associates, tea lovers (of any age!), or anyone who appreciates carefully sourced foods. Not to mention that Dear Crate makes for a perfect holiday gift for any occasion: think about Mother’s Day gifts or great Valentine’s Day gifts for mom and dad.

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thoughtful Subscription Gifts for Your Parents and Grandparents

Sending your parents or grandparents a personalized subscription box is an excellent idea for many reasons. The periodic delivery gives them something to look forward to every month and shows them that their children or grandchildren are thinking of them.

Whether you want to send the present to your grandparents’ home or an assisted living facility, at Dear Crate, we adapt to your needs and ensure that the package gets delivered to the correct address on time. We have the perfect subscription box for your dearest family members that will put a smile on their faces and create beautiful memories for the whole family.

For Loved Ones Living Far Away

At Dear Crate, we have a subscription box for everyone, including your loved ones who live far away from you and can’t see you often. Surprising someone with a box full of tasty cookies and carefully sourced white, green, or black tea might seem simple, but when it arrives packed in a beautiful package with a personalized note, no one can resist it.

At this moment, we only deliver US locations but if there’s enough demand from abroad, I’m sure we’ll get creative on our routes.

For Grandparents Living in an Assisted Living Facility

If you are thinking about how to stay in touch and encourage your grandparents who live away from home, Dear Crate is perfect for the purpose. Your loved ones will be able to enjoy receiving a monthly box of delicious goodies delivered right at their assisted living facility or any address that you choose – even if they’re located on the other side of the country.

For Mothers and Grandmothers

Our subscription boxes for parents make the perfect gift for the most important women in your life. Whether your mother and grandmother live far away from you or you simply want to show them how lucky you are that you have them in your life, we can accommodate your wishes.

You can personalize the boxes with messages that will remind them of precious moments or short updates on new milestones in your life.

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For Business Clients or Employees

Whether it is Employee Appreciation Day, a business celebration, or signing a contract, recognize your employees’ contributions by sending unique gift boxes with a personal touch. 

Our gift boxes are designed as a perfect mix of warm personality and professional look. Dear Crate would make for a great thank you gift for your best employees or favorite clients.

For Self-Care

We won’t tell anyone (ssh!) if you decide to order Dear Crate to come right to your front door.

Self-care isn’t all face masks, beauty magazines, and bubble baths (although there is nothing wrong with those!). It can also be as simple as enjoying a cup of tea in the morning on the porch or grabbing an afternoon tea with a friend after a long day. While self-care manifests differently for each person, the goal remains the same – to prioritize your happiness, mental health, and overall well-being.

For a Tea Lover

Dear Crate is proud to serve the best of the best for all fellow tea lovers. We don’t use any big tea brands from the grocery store; instead, we source the highest-quality leaves for our private label teas that taste and smell incredible.

Why Do mature People Love Our Gift Boxes?

People love getting gifts, and older parents are no exception. Receiving something new each month is exciting and makes us feel loved and appreciated.

The older we get, the more we value simple things in life, and there is nothing more beautiful than receiving a box with a new tea variety and fresh artisan cookies from your grandchildren or dear friends.

Even more fun is the fact that your parents don’t know what will be in the box. While they can always go to the store and buy the things they want, receiving them in a gift package from someone they love has a special meaning.

Our subscription boxes will create unforgettable memories and surprise your loved ones with simple yet lovely gifts.

Add a personal touch to your Dear Crate package

Whether you want to treat your mother, build a stronger relationship with your in-laws, or looking for a simple but meaningful present for your grandparents, our custom subscription boxes are ideal.

 At Dear Crate, we include a greeting card with a cute message. You can also personalize each box with your own note and a photo. Consider including a picture of you and your family, a special celebration, happy memories, or new milestones. Every month, we will send you a reminder with an offer to submit your notes and photos to make the gift truly personal.

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