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Thoughtful Subscription Gifts for the Elderly

Shopping for gifts for your dear seniors can be overwhelming. They’ve likely received all kinds of presents throughout the years, and if you ask them what they would like, you may get “Oh, I don’t want you to get me anything, dear” in response. Sounds familiar?

These are the people who have been with you through every recital, school play, birthday celebration, graduation, wedding, and every other milestone in your life—so you can’t just get them nothing for the holidays, right?

As people grow older, they appreciate thoughtful, minimalist, and elegant gifts. Your grandma or aunt does not need more stuff to clutter up their rooms, especially if they live in an assisted living facility. All they want is to feel loved and appreciated.

At Dear Crate, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our subscription gifts are a thoughtful, original way to show your grandparents (or great-aunts or uncles, or even great-grandparents, if you’re lucky enough to have them) that you care for them each month. Our subscription boxes give your aging loved ones something to look forward to and provide them with delicious treats and beautify their mornings or afternoons.

The Senior Care Subscription Box: What’s Included

At Dear Crate, we pay extra care and attention to what we include in our subscription boxes for the elderly.

Our packages include

  • distinctive tea of the highest quality 
  • artisan cookies sourced from some of the finest U.S. and European bakeries
  • a designer greeting card with an inspiring message
  •  a note with your warmest wishes printed on elegant linen paper
  • A photo to update them on new milestones in your life 

Each month, we include new tea and cookie flavors.

Our team puts a lot of work and effort into creating each senior care box. We pack the treats in a beautiful bright blue gift box, and they would show up in front of your grandma’s door or directly to her nursing home or senior facility.

Why Dear Crate Monthly Gift Is Perfect for Your Aging Relatives

Dear Crate is not just a tea and cookie subscription service.

Thoughtful gifts should have a meaningful purpose. A monthly gift is a way of showing your ongoing love and appreciation. It is easy to stay in touch and reconnect with your family and friends with sweet treats and kind words. The monthly gift crates that include your notes and photos are a great way to update your loved ones on new events in your life. This will help them to stay up-to-date and not feel left behind.

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The important people in your life, including your parents, grandparents, and dearest friends, deserve nothing less than a carefully selected gift box that reflects your relationship with them. Whether you want to send your grandpa something simple but engaging for his birthday or want to congratulate your favorite former teacher or mentor who is moving into an assisted living facility, we have the right care package at Dear Crate.

Here are some of the many reasons why a monthly gift box is worth considering for senior citizens.

We have already done the legwork

Subscription gifts are a perfect option for people who don’t have much time to shop for a thoughtful gift or get the things their grandparents love and deliver them on time. Our subscription boxes can save you time and money as well. Shipping is always included in the Dear Crate subscription price.

Fresh and Handmade Goodies

By gifting our senior care box to your parents or grandparents, you support local small businesses. Dear Crate gifts are packed with love and care, making them intimate and personal. We choose fresh and tasty cookies sourced from small mom-and-pop businesses, not mass-produced by big brands or grocery stores. The teas of the finest quality are blended specifically for us in small batches. The flavors are different every month so that your loved ones can experience a variety of flavors and aromas.

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Monthly Gift as a Recurring Surprise

We can all relate to the exciting feeling of receiving a package at our door. The anticipation and the happiness are real, no matter whether you’ve ordered a pair of sunglasses or a TV. Well, imagine how your grandparents are going to feel when they know that a package is coming to their door every month with a surprise assortment of fresh goodies and treats.

They will be thrilled knowing their children or grandchildren are thinking of them. Our boxes represent your appreciation and thankfulness to the people who mean the world to you.

Elegant Packaging is Included

At Dear Crate, we’ll pack the items in a beautiful bright blue mailing box. We believe that no grandma or grandpa should miss out on gifts and sweet things, so we do our best to pick the most delicious treats that are also healthy and nutritious.

The Perfect Self-Care Gift

For some people, self-care is treating yourself to a warm bath; for others, it is sipping a cup of tea on the porch and admiring the view. Self-care helps each of us to live longer, more fulfilled lives.

Our care package is an excellent option for surprising your friends and family each month and encouraging their own self-care. We all need a reminder from time to time that it is okay to take a few minutes for ourselves and enjoy the morning or afternoon tea session. Our gift box is about sweet and happy moments and reminding them how much you love and respect them every month.

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Unique Presents For Seniors

Grandmas are experts at knowing what is out there in the shops. They have likely seen and tasted it all. Luckily, our subscription boxes for elderly friends and relatives are exclusive and unique. We offer one-of-a-kind tea flavors and cookies your well-traveled older friends won’t be able to find in local supermarkets. It is a perfect opportunity for them to try something new and make a tea party out of it.

It’s not easy to find the perfect gift, especially for someone you love and care about. So, instead of putting enormous pressure on yourself and spending hours browsing the online stores, we offer you a solution within just a few clicks. Dear Crate’s gift box for senior citizens with a personal message and a photograph is all your grandparents need.

A Special Care Package for a Special Person in Your Life

Whether you are planning a celebration for your older parents, want to remind someone special how much you love and respect them, or wish to surprise your elderly aunt with a lovely gift, our subscription boxes are the best way to do it.

Gift boxes for “senior citizens” don’t have to be full of slippers, pajamas, or expensive things to show someone you care. Sometimes, simple gifts are the best way to show your emotions. Adding a photograph and a letter from your family will complement the gift and make your recipient feel remembered and beloved.

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