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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom is here!

This year, you won’t have to struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for Mom.

If you love Mom, Valentine’s Day gifts for parents could be high on your priority list; that’s how it should be. Why spend time window shopping, checking mainstream retailers, or trawling review sites? The right gift is one that’s thoughtful and unique, and Dear Crate might be just the thing.

The best gift idea is right here, and it comes in a pretty package that lets your favorite person know how much she means to you.

Premium Mother-Daughter Valentine Gifts Delivered Straight to Your Door

What do you typically buy when it’s time to come up with those heartwarming Valentine’s Day gifts? A drink or a mug? Perhaps some candy and a glossy card to round out the package.

Whatever you decide, it is sure to involve shopping at several locations to pick each product in turn. Why not save time and money with a convenient crate that has everything in the box already? You don’t even need to ship it, we will do it for you. Dear Crate delivers right to their doors and promises top-notch goods at affordable prices; everybody wins.

More About What We Include in Our Premium Gift Crates

Our talented team packs every Dear Crate with love and ensures that the gourmet gift box is bursting with flavors. In a Dear Crate Valentine’s Day gift crate, we include:

●    Fifteen silky-smooth sachets of delectable teas sourced from only the finest tea leaves

●    One packet of mouth-watering gourmet cookies

●    A custom greeting card that is sure to make your loved one smile

●    A personal note from you to your chosen recipient

Valentine's gift box with tea and cookies
Dear Crate subscription box, Valentine’s Day edition

Purchase one crate at a time or look into the benefits of our handy subscription service. Dear Crate’s subscription provides one new crate every single month, with each delivery offering an opportunity to try a different tea and cookie pairing.

Every month at Dear Crate promises new discoveries and a fresh burst of flavor. What an amazing gift idea for any occasion!

Delicious Cookies and Tea for Everyone to Enjoy

A Valentine’s Day gift for Mom would not feel complete without something sweet to brighten her day. The Dear Crate Valentine’s Day special edition comes with a packet of tea sachets and gourmet cookies that Mom would probably want to share with family or friends.

Dear Crate is meticulous about sourcing only the best for customers. Family is everything, and we pride ourselves on helping you spoil your loved ones with tea that is top-of-the-line and specially sourced for our private label. You will not find the coveted Dear Crate teas available in any store—it is exclusive to our gift crates and offers our customers something truly special.

The sweet treats are lovingly created in the best bakeries all around Europe and the United States. Our insistence on quality provides our customers with top-shelf cookies minus the inflated price tag, and the proof is in the pudding.

Dear Crate’s selection of cookies and tea rotate every month for new flavors all year-round.

Give a Sentimental Gift to Mom this Valentine’s Day

Greeting cards are practically a staple of the holiday gift-giving season; birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and other special occasions. The Valentine’s Day Dear Crate follows the trend, with a greeting card to bring the perfect amount of sentimentality to your gift.

One of these beautiful selections is a gorgeous greeting card with art to match the season. With Dear Crate, you can say goodbye to tedious greeting card aisles and know that a winning card will make every box you send perfect. Every Dear Crate card promises exquisite artwork and a thoughtful message.

Valentine's day greeting card and letter
Valentine’s Day greeting card and a personal note

You can also add a personal note and a photo to give the whole present a truly personalized appeal. Your note will be printed on high-quality paper and styled with smooth calligraphy for elegance and flair.

Everybody Loves a Valentine’s Day Gift Crate, But Why Stop There?

We are happy to offer nice gifts for your loved ones at affordable prices. Moreover, our subscription service makes gift-giving even more fun. Why buy only one crate when there are so many special occasions waiting for you to spoil yourself or those you love? The Dear Crate subscription gets you a gorgeous crate full of tea, cookies, and gift cards every month! Tea and cookies gift boxes make a wonderful gift for parents and grandparents for any occasion, including Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and Mother’s Day.

A Valentine’s Day Gift Crate Your Mom Will Love

Dear Crate gift crates aren’t only a great Valentine’s Day gift for Mom; these boxes are a perfect way to spoil anyone in your life any time of the year. Grandmothers, daughters, sons, and husbands will adore the tea and cookies that come with every crate. The greeting cards and custom messages add a personal touch, but it is the steaming cup of exclusive tea and gourmet cookies that warm the heart.

Why not take advantage of Dear Crate and transform your daughter’s birthday into an upscale tea party, or give the perfect tea gift for Grandma to entertain her guests. Brighten your son’s first soccer win with a sweet treat, or add a little flavor to your husband’s lunch.

Order Dear Crate Today to Get The Best Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom!

With the affordability of our premium teas, cookies, and gift cards, Dear Crate is exactly what you need. Subscribe for monthly treats or click the “order once” button to order your Valentine’s Day Dear Crate today.

Valentine's gift box details

A Dear Crate is not just the best gift for Valentine’s Day, but for every season.

Isabelle Oland