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Why Tea and Cookies Make Perfect Gifts

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your friend or a family member who has everything? The holidays are approaching, and you still cannot decide what to get your loved ones? That’s okay because there is something that just about anyone will enjoy – tea and cookies! Yes, it sounds like a simple idea, but these two things come together in such a delicious way that they’re guaranteed to make anyone’s day. There is nothing better than curling up with a cup of hot tea and reading a good book while enjoying sweet treats. So don’t worry; this holiday season, your giftee will love what you get them!

For many people, a day isn’t complete without a cup of tea. If your parents or grandparents are those people, a tea subscription box would be the perfect gift option. Whether you want to surprise them for a special occasion or remind them how much you love them, a monthly box full of delicious cookies and unique tea flavors might be just what they need.

Lovely and Delicious Food Gifts

Sometimes you just want to give a gift that’s as sweet as it is thoughtful. Dear Crate is not just a gourmet basket. We want to help children and grandchildren stay in touch with their family members and friends with a monthly gift subscription.

The monthly gift box includes

  • teas of the highest quality from a small-batch private label,
  • artisan cookies (sourced from some of the best American bakeries),
  • greeting cards with inspiring messages.
  • You can personalize the box with your personal note and a photo. They will love receiving monthly updates with pictures of you and your family, special celebrations, and your new milestones.

Our Dear Crate team puts a lot of effort into creating the cookie and tea subscription boxes, as well as their packaging and designing the original greeting cards. We pack the food gifts in elegant blue boxes that will come to the address of your choice every month.

What Makes Gourmet Gift Baskets Popular?

A gift is always appreciated when attending a special occasion, celebration, or party. One of the best gift varieties to choose is gourmet baskets, especially for aging parents and grandparents but, to be honest, for everyone.

As you give presents to mature people, you should make sure they are thoughtful, simple, and usable. The meaning behind the gift in this case is more important than the actual gift.

When you subscribe to Dear Crate edible gifts, you are sending someone your love and appreciation through carefully sourced items that will elevate their mornings and afternoons. 

While we can count many reasons why parents and grandparents love food gifts, here are some of the most common ones.

Luxurious Gifts at an Affordable Price

Many people don’t have an unlimited budget when it comes to gifts, and that’s okay. You don’t need to spend a fortune to show your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather that you are thinking of them or missing them. A simple but thoughtful tea subscription box is enough to remind your family member how much you love them. You can surprise them each month or arrange a delivery for a special day.

Our gourmet gifts are quite affordable in price when compared to many other presents. At the same time, we choose only quality products, carefully pack them in stylish gift boxes and make sure that the gift leaves a lasting impression. If you want to send a family member or a friend an elegant gift that won’t break the bank, subscribing to our monthly box of distinctive tea flavors and fresh cookies might be the answer.

All The Things You Need In One Box

If your grandparents love tea, Dear Crate’s tea box will be the perfect opportunity for them to try something new. Numerous studies have confirmed that teas can boost the immune system, ward off heart disease, and reduce inflammation. While some tea types provide more health benefits than others, evidence shows that drinking tea daily can have a long-lasting impact on our wellness.

We always include different cookies every month to allow people to try various recipes and tastes. We carefully source the cookies we include in our monthly box from local bakeries across the United States. Without exception, our cookies are delicious and nutritious.

The gift box includes a greeting card that is specially designed by the Dear Crate team every month. 

Your personal note will be printed on elegant linen paper. When you include a photo, the gift becomes truly heartfelt, personal, and memorable.

Gift box with tea and cookies

Suitable for Every Occasion

Tea (with cookies) is always a good idea.

There is always a need to say “I love you,” “I miss you,” or “Thank you for the hard work,” and our food gifts are the perfect way to say it. If you are looking for a fresh Christmas gift idea or Mother’s day gift, Dear Crate is a great option. Because of the customization option, you can include a personalized message that will complement the box’s content and emphasize the meaning of the gift.

Introduce New Teas and Cookies

When you go to a supermarket, you have hundreds of cookies and teas to choose from, most of them the same old brands we have all tried.

At Dear Crate, we produce our one tea blends and offer our teas in the form of easy-to-use tea sachets. We also source the backed goods from artisan bakeries, not from big brands or supermarkets. We want you and your family to try something unique and exquisite; you can’t find it elsewhere.

A Perfect Cup of Tea, Every Time

What is better: loose leaf tea or tea bags? Making loose leaf tea can be a relaxing ritual for some people. On the other hand, we understand that many prefer tea bags as a quick and easy fix. Sometimes loose leaf tea is hard to get right, and you end up with a bitter cup.

Dear Crate solves this problem with our tea sachets that are easy to use and don’t leave any mess. The tea sachets contain high-quality tea leaves but have the benefits of teabags. They are easy to brew, convenient to carry around, and they make great gifts.

Dear Crate makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the finest loose leaf teas every day without all the fuss or mess. A perfect cup of tea is ready in just seconds.

Put a Smile on Someone’s Face

Food gifts have always been the centerpieces of many special events and occasions. If you are looking for a simple way to surprise your loved ones and show your affection for them, our cookie and tea subscription box is well worth considering.

The Dear Crate team doesn’t just throw in foods at random. Our monthly box includes very carefully selected products that are both healthy and delicious. We choose only the best quality teas and cookies from reputable handcrafted small-business sources based on our experience and knowledge.

There is nothing more classic than tea and cookies. When paired together, they make the perfect holiday gift for the dear people in your life.

Isabelle Oland

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